About Us

The Playhouse at McConnellstown has been a steadfast champion of the arts in Huntingdon County for over four decades. Established in 1982 as Go West Productions, our little theater has been a cornerstone of cultural enrichment within Central Pennsylvania. Since our inaugural production of Leonard Gershe’s Butterflies are Free in 1982, we’ve produced over 275 shows with more than 1,400 public performances. Our intimate 85-seat venue provides an immersive and unforgettable theatrical experience.

Our Mission

The Playhouse at McConnellstown is a (501)c3 nonprofit with one goal: Provide access to performing arts and arts education in Central Pennsylvania. Thanks to the support of over 100 donors and more than 500 patrons, we are able to celebrate creativity, community, and the performing arts.

Our Company

Our company is a diverse blend of individuals from various backgrounds and experiences, spanning all age groups. Our ensemble comprises newcomers, seasoned Broadway performers, and familiar faces from television.

Collaborating closely with neighboring school districts and colleges, we are committed to offering support and arts education to youth and young adults. We do more than simply stage productions. We unite to raise awareness, promote cultural enrichment, and provide entertainment that enriches our local community.

Our Performances

Our scope of productions includes award-winning plays, new works, musicals, and musical reviews. From captivating dramas to lively musicals and insightful musical reviews, our repertoire reflects our commitment to offering diverse and compelling performances.

The show selection process involves input from our governing board and suggestions from our company members and patrons. This approach encourages a rich and engaging theatrical experience for all.