Murder on the Orient Express

The Playhouse will hold auditions for “Murder on the Orient Express” on February 25th at 7:00 PM in its building located at 11680 Raystown Road, Huntingdon, PA in the village of McConnellstown. The show performance dates are April 17th, 18th, 23rd, 24th, and 25th at 7:30 p.m. Sunday matinees are April 19th and 26th at 2:00 p.m. Please bring your calendar with all conflicts between February 25th and April 26th. Scripts are currently available for perusal. All scripts must be returned to The Playhouse before auditions on February 25th.

All actors will be required to attend all scheduled rehearsals during the final week before the show opens. Rehearsals are usually 3 evenings each week; work days are held on Saturday or Sunday mornings depending on scheduling conflicts, and Saturday and/or Sunday rehearsals are possible. For more information, please contact The Playhouse at 814-627-0311. You may also find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @LittleTheater.

Written by Ken Ludwig, “Murder on the Orient Express” offers a dazzling, satisfying evening of suspense, train travel, and murder. In a posh Istanbul hotel, first-class passengers await their boarding call for the fabled Orient Express to Paris. Hercule Poirot, a last-minute addition to the group, is squeezed onto the train by unflappable conductor Michel at the urging of Monsieur Bouc, the detective’s old friend and director of the train company.

After the train leaves the station, there is a middle-of-the-night blizzard and a murder. No spoiler—it’s in the title. With the train stalled by snow, Monsieur Bouc (fearing for his company’s reputation) begs Poirot to solve the case before police arrive. And of course, he does.

Casting requirements for “Murder on the Orient Express” are as follows:

Hercule Poirot (male, 50s-60s): A famous Belgian detective with a big personality. He’s authorative, witty, charismatic, and slightly pompous. He’s driven to find the answers, good or bad, and has a strong sense of morality. He’s very aware of his abilities and his well-deserved reputation.

Monsieur Bouc (male, 30s-60s): A Belgian man of good humor. He’s playful, proud, and generous with a predilection for grandeur. He’s a whirlwind of energy.

Mary Debenham (female, 30s-40s): A beautiful English governess. She’s capable yet romantic, but there’s a sadness in her eyes and a hardness about her person.

Hector MacQueen (male, 30s-40s): He is tightly wound, edgy, and nervous. He always seems to be on the verge of falling apart or coming undone.

Michel the Conductor (male, 30s-60s): A good-looking Frenchman with a quiet, almost grave sense of humor, but he’s unfailingly polite.

Marcel (male, 30s-60s): A snooty and smooth Turkish waiter. (May be double cast as Marcel and Michel the Conductor.)

Princess Dragomiroff (female, 60s+): A Russian dowager with a very formal, sweeping, and impressive presence. She’s both imperial and impatient.

Greta Ohlsson (female, 20s+): An inherently odd and very devout Swedish woman with a frightened, sheep-like quality.

Countess Andrenyi (female, 20s-30s): She’s brilliantly beautiful, like something from a fairytale. She’s impeccably put together with a warmth that wins over everyone she meets. Her delicacy belies a steely edge—this Hungarian woman is no wilting flower.

Helen Hubbard (female, 40s-60s): An outspoken and flamboyant American from the Midwest. She’s jovial, obnoxious, and domineering. Deliciously nosy and brash, she is quite unapologetic.

Colonel Arbuthnot (male, 30s-60s): A middle-aged, handsome Scotsman. He’s very matter of fact but occasionally tender.

Ratchett (male, 30s-60s): An American businessman with an evil heart. He’s frightening, brusque, and unforgiving. His stern demeanor makes him pushy and domineering. (May be double cast as Colonel Arbuthnot.)

All casting decisions are at the discretion of the show’s director. In addition to actors and actresses for the production, we are also looking for production assistants, stage managers, and stage crew. We also encourage anyone who would like to work with lights, sound, costumes, properties, and set design to contact Artistic Director Daniel Weston at

While experience is helpful, The Playhouse at McConnellstown does not require previous theatrical experience. We do, however, require that you have the desire, commitment, and the drive to help us produce the high-quality shows that our audiences have come to expect. Please come join us for a wonderful theatrical experience. We look forward to seeing you at auditions!

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